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Month: September 2017

The Number 1 Reason Why Divorced Men Can’t Commit

Ever wonder why there appears to be a growing number of middle aged bachelors? Resolute in their status, or so…

Why Being A Good Parent Is A Choice

Here’s a hint, not being one is also a choice. I’ve seen first-hand the array of damage that can be…

The Day I Hit My Son, And I’m Glad I Did.

It was the sweetest right cross ever. Pow! Right on the nose, and slap bang square between the eyes. Let…

How To Achieve Your Maximum Natural Potential

Are you achieving your Maximum Natural Potential? I’ll show you how to get there. What is ‘Maximum Natural Potential’? Reaching…

Big Boys Do Cry, And It’s Healthy.

Real men don’t cry. At least that’s what I believed growing up. Now I know it’s the opposite that’s true….

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