He gets my humour.

Maybe it’s a consequence of him having no choice due to the amount of time we spent together, but he actually get my quirky sense of humour, poor kid. He’s the one person with whom I don’t have to dial it back a notch, and we have a scream.

He enables my daft behaviour.

He’s just as silly as me although I’ll admit he’s hides it better; and he thinks it funny when I make a fool of myself by doing something daft. If he doesn’t stop me then I take it as implied encouragement to have fun. Partners in crime I guess sums it up best.

We know each other.

There can be few things worse than the feeling that no-one truly understands you in this world. I’m sure the vast majority of people feel this at some point in their lives. We don’t suffer that, because we hold nothing back, and spent years forging a bond based on a deep understanding of one another.

We hold each other to high standards.

We have ambition, and a drive to succeed in this life. Therefore we’re constantly bouncing ideas around and critiquing each other’s plans. If they’re crap then we say so. There’s no point wasting time on a hair brained scheme, and sometimes the other person can recognise that first. In a wider sense, even though he’s very much his own man, I still want to be a role model. At the same time he does plenty of things better than I do, and so it’s become a two way street.

We’re not afraid to call each other on our shit.

We both have a strong code of ethics which mean a great deal to each of us as individuals. We believe in treating others well, and make every effort to do so. But no-one’s perfect and there are times when everyone can be a grumpy bugger. We have a standing agreement that when one is a pain to be around, then the other calls them out on it. No-one gets upset, they just get their shit together.

We’d walk through hell for each other.

We have each other’s back, and no matter what happens, each knows that the other wouldn’t hesitate to be right alongside when needed. We aim to share burdens when possible and look for ways to help one another out.

We respect each other.

Having his respect is the single most important thing in my life. I mean, you can love a person simply because they’re a parent, but respect isn’t always guaranteed and certainly doesn’t come automatically. To have both is a gift, and with us it’s the backbone of the relationship.

We like the same silly stuff.

Now I’m not going to claim to be particularly high brow, or have the most refined taste in, well, anything. In fact some of the programmes I watch are downright weird, or so I’ve been told on numerous occasions. Maybe it’s my fault for including him in everything as he grew, but we like the same crap. Not just in TV, but practically everything. Which means we’re never short of stuff to talk about.

We never have to say a word.

We know how the other feels and it never really has to be said. It simply is.

He has low standards.

He has me as his best friend. Groucho Marx famously said “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member”. Personally I’m grateful for low standards, and his friendship.