I’ve lived with sisters, my brother, university mixed flats and then the tao of us household. It makes it my first time being the only girl in a house full of men, and there are certainly some things you notice!
1. You take over the bathroom with more products than you even realised you own.
I didn’t think I was the girliest of girls but three bottles of shampoo, conditioner, bobby pins, bobbles and perfumes and I swiftly realised I’d effected a hostile take over of space.
2. They’re always hungry.
But this is great! I love cooking, baking and looking after people. You can experiment and try new things.  So for the first time I can cook whatever I want and believe me, there are only ever grateful smiles when I do!
3. You become even more of a movie buff than you already were.
I thought I knew TV and films until I entered a male household. Now I’m even critical of action films for their martial arts without even knowing anything about fighting myself. You’re exposed to new things and more often than not, sometimes annoyingly, they’re so right on the best movies.
4. They will love you at your least attractive.
I mean both physically and emotionally. They will see you in a foul mood. They will see you without makeup, melted chocolate falling out your asleep mouth (yes…this actually happened). But really, they can be the most logical and understanding beings you’ve come across. They’ll give you space when you need, be there to hug you when you’re ready, make you laugh with a joke and they really don’t care about that spot on your face.
5. You start to become a human calendar.
They did just fine without you before you got there, but you find yourself memorising relevant dates and thinking ahead. It means you get to plan a great day and all they need to do is show up. P.S. you’re always the one who will need to remind them about birthday cards!