Are you achieving your Maximum Natural Potential? I’ll show you how to get there.

What is ‘Maximum Natural Potential’?

Reaching your Natural Maximum Potential is all about living your life to the very limits of your ability. It’s about being the best version of yourself in every area of your life, within the scope of your personal capabilities and available resources.

Why staying ‘Natural’ is so important.

Staying natural is so important because it keeps you grounded while ensuring you operate only within your personal limits. That’s not to say that your limits can’t or shouldn’t be pushed, in fact it’s vital they are for continued development.

By keeping it natural you retain focus upon yourself and your own achievements without making unrealistic comparisons with others, such as a media-hyped fitness industry athletes or celebrities who are frequently portrayed as role models when in fact the stark reality is frequently less than impressive.

That’s not to say you can’t learn from successful people, but bear in mind their range of skill, level of opportunity, and available resources are most likely far different from yours.

The pursuit of unrealistic goals distorts reality, which can lead to poor decisions. Some people resort to drugs in order to boost performance and build muscle. Others embark upon crash diets or undergo surgical procedures. The physical and psychological impact can be severe.

The damage stems from personal value being attached to an aspiration that has no realistic chance of success. The important thing to remember is that as our resources grow, so does our capacity to achieve. So what might not be possible today, may be a different story tomorrow.

A far healthier attitude is one that places the emphasis on achieving what’s possible in the present, while constantly looking for ways to create opportunity.

How to work towards your ‘Max’.

To fully achieve your maximum potential, you need to create balance within your life. You could have the best job in the world, and neglect personal relationships. A wonderful family, but no time for yourself. A great social circle, but limited finances.

Strive to be as fulfilled and efficient as possible in every area of your life. Forget any notions of perfection, and work towards a level that’s right for you. Bear in mind that some areas will be in better shape than others, and some may not be ripe for change until you’ve first attended to the rest.

You’ll soon learn to prioritise but mark my words, success in one area usually results in a domino effect. Small but regular improvements add up quickly.

Aim to be good at many things.

Who cares if you never manage to be the absolute best at any one thing. Even world champions lose their titles eventually, having peaked once and thereafter destined never again to reach the same dizzy heights.

Instead, aim to be good at many things and expand your entire skill base.

Become a good listener and work upon improving your ability to communicate. Aim to increase your level of patience and understanding. Vow to be resilient in the face of adversity, and show strength in the presence of conflict. Embrace knowledge, practice grace under pressure, take up a new sport or hobby.

The list is endless. In fact you’ll never know how good you are at something unless you try it.

Building a broad and varied skill base results in a deep well of resources from which to draw in times of need. An experiential based library of attributes and abilities that stretch the realm of what’s achievable while significantly expanding the scope of your capabilities.

Step outside your comfort zone.

Being the best you can possibly be, means having ambition and the drive to achieve it. This is entirely personal to you, and nothing to do with outside opinion. Perhaps you want financial security, to be the best parent/partner/sibling you can, to express yourself creatively or physically; it doesn’t matter so long as it’s important to you. Heck, you can aspire to have all those things!

There are so many ways to reach your goal, and your final path may not be the one you originally embarked upon. In fact as capabilities grow, it’s very common to look back at your original goals and view them as inadequate and limiting. In other words fulfilment may not come from anything you once held dear.

Ambition and desire are key to driving you forward, but as long as you take a progressive approach and don’t overreach, then you’ll be sure not to miss all the small successes along the way. Aim high, but don’t rush to get there too fast as this road leads to disappointment. Just keep chipping away and don’t give in.

Continually pushing your own limits and stepping outside of your comfort zone, exposes you many more opportunities and experiences than you’d otherwise have had. This is how we grow, don’t hold yourself back.

How do you know when you’ve reached your full potential.

When this happens in any area of your life you’ll simply plateau. It’s inevitable at some point and happens to everyone.

You now have a decision to make. Are you happy to maintain this current level, are do you want to break through and go further? It partly depends on whether you’ve fully exhausted every one of your available resources and opportunities, or whether there’s something as yet untapped that remains in your arsenal.

The trick at this point to continued development is often simply to diversify, and turn your attention to another area of your life. I guarantee you that the sum total of your achievements will add up to something pretty damn impressive. In effect you’re building a toolbox of skills and resources, that you can draw upon at any time.

Your Personal Max

In all honesty you may never fully realise your Maximum Potential. Don’t get disheartened, this is most definitely a good thing because it means there’s always something to aspire to, and opportunity to grow as a person.

When you get into this way of thinking, your maximum potential becomes a fluid entity due to natural evolution. As your range of capabilities continues to grow, so too does your strength of identity and level of self-belief; much like a fish that grows according to the size of it’s environment.

Remember it’s not how good you are in any one area that counts, rather it’s the combined total of all your skills and talents as a whole. Becoming a good all-rounder will transform you into an exceptional person.

Ultimately, when you can honestly say you’ve given everything you’ve got, then you’re living to your Maximum Natural Potential.