I work full time in the wind-farm industry, build websites for private clients on a part time basis, and have a couple of other business ventures under development.

Born in North Wales, I like to think I was re-born in China. At age 18, I travelled there to learn Shaolin Kung Fu, and effectively found myself. The experiences I had, and the people I met who will remain life long friends, changed my world.

Sharing a house with the old man, and my partner Aimee (Em), works well for now; although we’re currently looking forward to our wedding next year, and planning the next phase of our life together.

I get frustrated at much of the advice given to young adults these days, many of whom have massive student debt and little optimism for the future. I chose a different path, didn’t go to Uni, and went self-employed at 19 which led me into the wind industry. Hard work can overcome crap advice, and this is what ignites my passion. But then again, I’ve never really gone along with the crowd.

My other passions are health and fitness, Kung Fu, and my crazy Husky/Lab cross pooch, Rex.

Being raised by my dad was a different dynamic than most of my peers experienced. I guess that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! But joking aside, I wouldn’t change a thing.