I’m Aimee, pronounced a weird way (M..A), so Em is the name I love.
I moved in with Ryan and Phil in August of 2015 and ever since, it has been incredible. As the boys have alluded to, in this household you certainly learn to take jokes and we do have fun!
I have so many different passions, some of them from before I met these two and some that have I’ve since discovered. I work in the IT industry so can be a bit of a nerd with software and video games. I also love fitness, music, cosplay, crafts, baking, cooking, writing, and will try pretty much anything at least once.
Since meeting these two, I have really grown as a person.  Do I have all the answers about myself? No. Do I know how I am going to be in a couple of years time? Hell no. All I know is I have learnt to deal with a lot of confidence and anxiety issues since coming into the household and have learned to be happy with my ditzy, flawed, and happy self.