Congratulations! You’ve crafted a wonderful document, an engaging story, a killer proposal or advertising pitch. You’ve poured your heart and soul, and wrung every ounce of your creative juice into it.

You’ve read it, re-read it, and read it again. You’ve spell-checked it the death, and there’s no way you’ve missed a single error; and then you see it in print!

When you get to this stage you’re past the point of no return, and you’d be forgiven for kicking yourself for not getting it read by a second pair of eyes.

You see spell-check is OK as a starting point, but it won’t detect words that are correct but out of place or context.

Plus you’re personally invested in your project. You know it backwards, so when you read it back, your brain skims over spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. It literally fills in the blanks because it’s already intimate with the text and knows what you were trying to say.

That’s where I come in as a professional proofreader. I will pour over your document with a fine tooth-comb. Not just once, but repeatedly, until I can be sure that I’ve caught everything.

Proofreading isn’t just about spelling: It’s about correct grammar that’ll stand up to the most discerning of reader, continuity of style and message, and consistency in the construct of the document.

There’s more to it than you may think, which is why more and more people are employing proofreaders to quality assess their written work. They understand the importance of presenting themselves and their business in the best possible light.

My rates start at £8 per 1000 words for straight-forward documents. Prices also depend upon the complexity of the content and the amount of work required.

For further information you can message me via the contact page.