How are you at interviews? It’s pretty safe to say that hardly anyone likes them. While they’re an unavoidable part of our lives, very few people ever take the time to overcome their fear.

There will most likely always be a certain level of stress involved, but even stress can be re-framed to be viewed as ‘excitement’ or ‘anticipation’.

You’d think we’d all be experts at interviews, after-all we’ve attended so many of them within our lives – just think of every time you met a new person, or went on a first date.

It’s fair to say that job interviews are an entirely different animal. You’re actually presenting yourself to be scrutinised, grilled and interrogated, when the main commodity for sale is yourself.

Yet there is so much you can do to tip the balance back in your favour, and preparation is key. It’s hardly a science, and it’s hardly complicated, but I’ve coached many a client into acing their interviews within an extremely short period of time.

I’ve conducted thousands of interviews over the years, many in hostile situations (hey, every freelance writer had a previous life). It’s given me a unique insight into the structure of what’s essentially a very short yet intense period of time. Body-language and inter-personal dynamics are just the tip of the iceberg.

While job interviews are typically safer, they can be just as stressful. I’ve taken my years of experience and put them to good use.

I provide coaching sessions via telephone or Skype, during which we cover:

  • How to identify and highlight your strengths and positive attributes.
  • How to critically examine your weaker points, and compile counters for tough questions.
  • How to research the company you’re interviewing for.
  • How to use their own corporate language so you sound like a good fit.
  • How to gain rapport with the interview panel.
  • How to dress.
  • How to present yourself physically and verbally.
  • Body-language tips to project confidence, and control nerves.
  • How to spot useful information in the waiting room, or reception area.
  • How to prepare a ‘Hail-Mary’ should you find yourself in a tight spot. A passionate pitch can make all the difference.
  • How to prepare solid answers to complex HR questions that almost always come up.
  • How to create solid cases of good work that can be referred to when answering a variety of questions.

All sessions are unique and entirely dependant upon your circumstances.

Typically an hour long.  Each session is priced at £20. Contact me for more details.