The Tao Of Us is intended as a resource for parents primarily, but equally it offers a lot for young adults too. Those who have an interest in understanding some of the challenges and dilemmas their parents face, as they struggle with this crazy role that no-one is ever fully prepared for.

Successful relationships require some give and take from both sides, however the stumbling blocks often arise from a lack of understanding and miscommunication.

We’re a father and son team who’ve been ‘in the trenches’, and survived. Naturally we come at the issues from different angles, and in doing so offer a perspective from both sides of the equation.

Obviously my experience is from raising a son. But at the end of the day, all kids have fundamentally similar needs, and our blog is aimed at offering insights, encouragement and motivation, regardless of gender.

This modern world is a minefield, and the influence of society can have an enormous effect on any family. Equipping your child to cope confidently with the big wide world in all its complexity is a challenge every parent faces, when we often haven’t got all the answers yet ourselves. All we can really do is help our kids become resourceful individuals, then take a step back and hold our breath.

There’s so much to cover that we split the site into sections. Take a look around and spend a little time finding what you feel will be most useful. If there’s something we missed, or something you think we could do better, let us know!