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2018 – Find Happiness by Breaking All the Rules

What’s your spirit animal? When I was first asked that question – I can’t remember whether it was a friend…

Big Boys Do Cry, And It’s Healthy.

Real men don’t cry. At least that’s what I believed growing up. Now I know it’s the opposite that’s true….

A Single Parent’s Greatest Fear, And How To Mitigate The Risk

Risk assessment becomes an integral part of any parent’s thinking process, but for a single parent with a limited support…

Out Of Character. An Outsider’s View Of Cosplay

Why does my opinion matter? It doesn’t. At least no more or less than anyone else’s, and there’s nothing stopping…

Chocolate Chip Grain Free Coconut Cookies

These are perfect for that sweet tooth you just need to satisfy while still wanting a healthy option. With few…

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